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Esports National Security Summit

November 25th, 12 - 6 pm EST

Defending America — in Esports

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Any measures to be taken to ensure that the dominant forces riddling esports' existence don't become maligned and that counter-social behaviors are the exception and not the norm must be omni-faceted. Many people in this industry, most of whom are good and well-intentioned people, have failed at realizing widespread change throughout the industry because they lacked this broader approach to change and the partners to achieve it. This, then, is where we enter with the first component of our approach - the Esports National Security Summit.

Building Critical Capacity across the Industry

As a major sociocultural and emerging economic force, esports and the industry that supports them are dually issues of national concern as they are of mainstream awareness. While most people can live their lives without knowing much about esports in competitive or economic sense, what they cannot afford to neglect is the nexus of esports and prevailing national security priorities. Regardless of your political affiliation and outlook on life, the problems with all aspects of the esports industry are too pervasive and full of latent adverse potential to continue being unnoticed by mainstream society, as well as our action, community, and civic leaders and public officials.

To Foster Resilience across the 3 I's


At the core of all societal issues is the individual person and their conception of self. This too is at the heart of esports, both in its own terms and as a national security priority. Understanding the holistic self within the esports context is the foundation of resilience-building in esports.


From a basis in the holistic self comes an emergent interest in the ideologies that permeate esports spaces. Within this interest is a particular focus on the what, why, and how of the nexus of esports and traditional ideologies. Special attention to extremist ideologies is of further concern.


Any analysis in any domain would be incomplete without a basis in the material conditions on the ground for the vast majority of Americans. Esports is not different. As the industry recovers from the investment winter, we must take stock of what exists and future-proof with resilience.

Have Something to Contribute?

We're accepting submissions for individual and panel speakers until end-of-day (EST) November 8, 2023. As long as discussing national security issues in relation to esports, we might be interested. Contact

Advancing Strategically - Hand-in-Hand

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ENSS is a collaboration between the United States Esports Association and the National Esports Collegiate Conference. Accessing the largest collegiate conference by member institutions allows us to make students and faculty basic consideration of our work, aligning education with praxis.

ENSS is also a collaboration between the United States Esports Association and the Amateur Esports Association. Aligned by our shared vision for a healthful and sustainable esports ecosystem, we're committed to fostering critical resilience among local esports stakeholders

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