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Website Privacy

This website ( uses cookies. A summary of known cookies is provided below. Keys, descriptions, and durations are from Wix, where more info can be found.


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This website has links to documents or emails created with or warehoused by Google Workspace products, including Drive, Docs, Forms, Gmail, and Sheets. We are not responsible for Google's treatment of data they collect or receive. This website also has links to external sites that we do not control and that have their own privacy statements. Review them as appropriate. Information requested on Google Forms is stored on our organizational Google Drive, which is accessible to organizational staff. Forms that request information relating to programs with external partners are accessible by those partners. Information collected by Google Forms is used for the direct purpose of the Form; we will describe use and exceptions for information on each form

Some links on this website will send you to websites controlled by the United States federal government or Washington state government. In general, no one has a right to privacy when accessing those websites or other resources that are contained on them. Review their privacy statements as appropriate.

The United States Esports Association has a grant from the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In general, all records of the United States Esports Association may be accessed by the United States federal government as a term of this award. Certain exceptions may exist, and certain precautions may be taken to ensure that personally identifiable information is protected. In general, we cannot and do not share personally identifiable information of federal program participants with any part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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